Aural Delights on the Overflow 50

  1. Black Moth “The Articulate Dead” from The Killing Jar
  2. 2 Lost Souls “The Man Who” from Ooby Dooby
  3. Augustus Pablo “Dub In Ethopia” from Dubbing in Africa
  4. St Lucifer “Three Minute Hate” from AnalogueTrash: Label Sampler Vol. 5
  5. Tape Runs Out “Hospital” Single
  6. Amanda Tosoff “Here and Heaven (feat. Michelle Willis and Alex Samaras)” from Earth Voices
  7. Big Hogg “Thanks for the Roses” BEM 2020/21 Sampler
  8. Figure Walking “Last Dollar (Green July)” from Vertical/Horizontal
  9. Lou Loudhailer and Quentin Budworth “Il N’est Plus Temps” Single
  10. Malcolm Hill & Live Flesh “Big Motorbike” from Fingers
  11. (whelpes) “stop loop” Single
  12. Crack Cloud “Post Truth” from Pain Olympics
  13. Leslie West “Theme For An Imaginary Western” from Guitarded

Aural Delights Part of The Overflow Sunday Service on River Gibbs FM.

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