Label – Imogena/Border

Swedish electro jazz group Kakafoni release new album

GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN – Kakafoni´s new album Vargtimmen (Hour of the Wolf) has already received airplay in Swedish public Radio P4 as well as being featured on Spotify´s popular jazz playlists. This is the third release following up their previous albums Kakafoni and Concentus.

With inspired takes of tunes like Dessa, Brännvinsadvokaten (The Pettifogger), Ingen kommer ihåg en fegis, and Och sen slutet this album appeals to a wide audience and is probably the strongest collection of songs yet to come from the Gothenburg based collective.

Pianist and composer Pelle Eriksson is the driving force behind the project Kakafoni. In the early 2000s, he got the idea to bring together melodic jazz, pop structures, improvisation, samples and loops and consolidate this into a whole. The band found its present form some years later and the first album was released in January 2013.

The album title Vargtimmen (Hour of the Wolf) derives from the 1968 Ingmar Bergman movie. Vargtimmen is the hour between night and dawn and might be one of many good hours to listen to this album.

Members of Kakafoni: Jonathan Kronevik (trumpet), Pelle Nilsson (saxophones), Tobias Grim (guitar), Johan Jansson (drums), Martin Olsson (bass) and Pelle Eriksson (rhodes, piano, lap top).

Special Guests: Björn Cedergren (bass clarinet), Carl-Fredrik Carlsson (percussion) & Julian Sartorius Beat-sample JDG on Trolla med knäna

To be featured on World of Jazz 424

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