The Secret Handshake with Danger, Volume One

The Secret Handshake with Danger, Volume One features five musicians – Binker Golding on Saxophones, Henry Kaiser on Guitar, N.O. Moore on Guitar, Olie Brice on Double Bass and Eddie Prévost on Drums. The promotional material suggests that album’s two extended tracks are largely influenced by Miles Davis’s On The Corner electro-jazz era, which there are slight nods to, however it is less structured than that, being comprised of entirely spontaneous composition.. A more appropriate comparison might be with Miles three guitar line-up from the In Concert at The Philharmonic album, or more accurately the two guitar line-up on Agharta and Pangaea. There is a continuous flow of improvisation throughout and plenty of variety and invention to maintain interest.

It was recorded and mixed in a single day in a Westpoint London studio, hours before the official national lockdown. A second volume, recorded during the same session, will be released soon.

Releases on 577 Records on March 12th

Featured on World of Jazz 425 on February 21st.

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