Aural Delights 423

  1. Boz Hayward “Alert” from V Years
  2. Dan Ecclestone “Half Of All We See Are Shadows” from Hidden Music
  3. Dave Graney, Clare Moore and Stu Thomas “You Put A Spell On Me” from Keepin’ It Unreal
  4. Steely Dan “Black Cow” from Aja
  5. Nick Drake “River Man” from Five Leaves Left
  6. DreamWeapon “Rites Of Lunacy” from Rites of Lunacy
  7. Rob Snarski “How Did I Live Without You?” from Song Gifts
  8. Boz Hayward “Dot to Dot” from V Years
  9. Dan Ecclestone “I Forever Dream of Home” from Hidden Music
  10. Elliot Sharp “Wavefront” from Walk My Way Volume One
  11. of1000faces “Midnight Overture” from The Infinity Line
  12. Peter Hammill “Red Shift” from The Silent Corner and the Empty Stage
  13. The Fall “Shoulder Pads” from Bend Sinister
  14. St Lucifer “Sirens (Pastelence Remix)” from Sirens Remixes
  15. The Red Propellers “Love Says Hate Says” from Peace Comes To Shove
  16. Jackson Code “Bringer of Light” from Del Musical Del Mismo Nombre
  17. Ed Kuepper “Black Ticket Day” from Black Ticket Day
  18. DreamWeapon “Odum” from Rites of Lunacy
  19. Marco Cappelli “M&M (Major & Minor) from Walk My Way Volume One
  20. Boz Hayward “Fragile and Priceless” from V Years
  21. Dan Ecclestone “King of Lands of Skies and Sea” from Hidden Music
  22. Megalophobe “Dreamy” from Music For Resistance Fantasies
  23. Miles Davis “Directions” from The Cellar Door Sessions

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