The Clear Revolution

The Clear Revolution,’ the latest release from the Cyclone Trio, is inspired by musical geometry, the symbolism of each shape ascribed to one of three tracks: the Circle representing a feeling of bottomless exploration, the triangular Trinsophile as a lover of threefold wisdom, and the unfinished square pointing to the four Cardinal directions.

Despite the chaotic circumstances, the 7-year collaborators created an artfully conceptual album exploring their philosophical questions alongside the foundations of free jazz. The day after recording their live set in London, documented on ‘Cataclysm…Live at Cafe Oto’ (ORBIT577), with the pandemic rapidly encroaching, the internationally-based trio raced to the studio to record the extended versions of exploratory improvisational research.

Like in Cataclysm, Tony Irving (Australia) and Tim Green (Australia) build standing waves of percussion in a complex and layered dialogue, setting a rich background for multi-instrumentalist Massimo Magee (UK) to shine on his Tenor, both Alto and Sopranino Saxophones, and Silver Rattle. In contrast to the previous day’s frenetic live performance, their arrangement is subjected to a rigorous, patient and inventive interrogation, exploring a wider range of techniques and reaching towards a more diverse quality of sound. Reflecting on their own musical frenzy, they insist that the revolution they seek demands a total clarity of intent.

The album will be featured on World of Jazz 422 as part of a focus on the work of the trio

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