Aural Delights on the Overflow 46

  1. Mark Corrin “I’ve Lost The Plot” from From The Kennel
  2. Michelle Lordi. Warren Defever “Before” from LORDI/WAR : THE WAY LOVE USED TO BE
  3. The Screaming Love Collective “Midnights Dark Romance” from From The Kennel
  4. Royal Horses “Bottom of the Chart” from A Modern Man’s Way To Improve
  5. The Junta “Apogee” from From The Kennel
  6. Cristina Vane “Muddy Waters” from The Magnolia Sessions
  7. Lizard Brain “Bring The Curtain Down (2020 Remix) from From The Kennel
  8. Dan Ecclestone “Cri Du Coeur” from From The Kennel/Hidden Music
  9. Death of a Legend “Faceman” from Death of a Legend Part 1
  10. Ian Moss with Mark Corrin “Eton Trifles (MC 900ft Trifle Remix)” from From The Kennel
  11. Filed Fangs “Herod is our Baby Sitter” from From The Kennel
  12. China Moon “Forget” Single
  13. Jed “Guttersnipe” from From The Kennel


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