Aural Delights on the Overflow 45

  • Adventures of Salvador – Dropping Like Flies – NEW SINGLE
  • Goddammit Jeremiah – Let’s Just Give Christmas A Miss – NEW SINGLE
  • The Harveys – The Lady In The Lake – FROM THE KENNEL
  • The Red Propellers – Peace Comes To Shove – an exclusive preview for a record that will be released in the new year. Peace Comes To Shove.
  • David McClymont – A little bit mad – FROM NEW EP SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH
  • Remington Super 60 – I Won’t Change My Mind – SINGLE
  • Tombstones In Their Eyes – My Head Is Fighting Me – FROM ANTHOLOGY “COLLECTION”
  • Jay Wud – Poetic Justice – FROM NEW ALBUM DARK CINEMA
  • Dakhabrakha – Sho Z-Pod Duba – FROM YAHUDKY ALBUM
  • Longsight – Falling Again – FROM THE KENNEL
  • Rob Snarski – Two Girls On A Bus – FROM SONG GIFTS
  • The Red Propellers – Swallowed By Sadness
  • Loop Aznavour – My Planet Is Closer Than You Think – FROM THE KENNEL
  • Goddammit Jeremiah – What if Santa Claus is just 20 ferrets in a red suit? – SINGLE FROM LAST YEAR
  • The Parasite – Let’s Get Off – FROM THE KENNEL

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