Music For Resistance Fantasies

Brooklyn, New York-based ambient/experimental solo outfit Megalophobe has released Music For Resistance Fantasies, a cinematic soundscape and backing score created for a live dance performance which took place in 2019.

Megalophobe is the solo venture of Benjamin Levitt, and is composed primarily of effects-laden ambient and experimental accordion passages joined with elements of vocals, guitars, keys, pedal effects, field recordings, and more. Following an eponymous EP and two fully collaborative albums with Gridfailure, this release presents an entirely new focus for Levitt.

Levitt recorded the thirty-seven-minute solitary track Music For Resistance Fantasies as an audio accompaniment to a live, somewhat improvised, dance troupe performance . He explains, “This music was composed and recorded for Marion Storm’s Resistance Fantasies, Strategies For Moving Toward — And Against, performed at the Target Margin Theater in Brooklyn, New York as part of the 2019 Exponential Festival. As Marion put it, ‘a three-hour-long dance performance full of scores, group action, live composition, and deep listening. As the performers of this work, our attention is always on our layered, conflicting, complicated frame which is resistance. Our resistance fantasies. Or sometimes not fantasies, the real thing.’” The piece is split into six separate tracks for the album release.

Performed, recorded, and mixed by Benjamin Levitt at his Forked Audio in Brooklyn, it was mastered by David Salierno, with photos by Levitt and Jon Burklund/Zanni Video, and layout/design by David Brenner/Gridfailure.

The album will be featured on Aural Delights 423.

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