Improvisations Vol. I

In a meditative ode to the silence that overcame New York City during its lockdown in early 2020, Michael Sarian and Matthew Putman collaborated on an album that would disrupt and honor the quiet. Deprived of their previously-consistent opportunities to perform live music at the height of lockdown, they turned to each other, collaborating in their apartments and recording their three-part debut free jazz album Improvisations, Vol. I, at Studio Hicks in Brooklyn. The composition is simple, offering a study in dichotomy as Putman’s keyboard and Sarian’s trumpet depart from and rejoin each other through confrontational harmonies and graceful, cascading duet. Matthew Putman is a longtime member of 577 Records, regularly performing with The Telepathic Band, an ensemble that includes Daniel Carter, Patrick Holmes, Hilliard Greene, and Federico Ughi; this marks Michael Sarian’s first release with the label. The album was originally self-released on July 10 of 2020, accompanying New York City’s tentative, joyful reopening. This release anticipates a second full album planned for early 2021.

Michael Sarian: Trumpet
Matthew Putman: Keyboard

Recorded by Michael Sarian at Studio Hicks in Brooklyn, NY on June 20, 2020
Mixed by Michael Sarian
Mastered by Joseph Branciforte at Greyfade Studios

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