Aural Delights on the Overflow 42

  1. The Stress of Leisure “Your Type of Music” from Faux Wave
  2. Anton Barbeau “Manbird” from Manbird
  3. Hey Colossus “The Eyeball Dance” from Dances/Curses
  4. Monkeys In Love “Gin In A Can” from Death Jeans
  5. Mulatu Astatke and Black Jesus Experience “Blue Light” from To Know Without Knowing
  6. Mustard Gas and Roses “Shadows” from We Are One
  7. Polyphozia “Question” from Suitcase of Voices
  8. The Fall “Mr Pharmacist” from Bend Sinister
  9. Anton Barbeau “The Art of Beaking” from Manbird
  10. Blackout JA, Kandiman, Liondub & Rumble “High Grade” from High Grade
  11. Fred Abong “Invisible Man” from Our Mother of Perpetual Help
  12. The Stress of Leisure “No Win No Fee” from Faux Wave
  13. Lizard Brain “Am I Just A Name Now (Dub)” from The Sound of Your Dreams
  14. Rob Snarski “Christmas Card from a Drunken Sailor” from Wounded Bird

  • Psychedelic singer-songwriter Anton Barbeau has released the ‘Manbird’ double LP via Gare du Nord (UK) and Beehive Sound (USA). This collection of new songs was written in Berlin and on a farm in Auburn, CA. An ambitious concept trip about leaving the nest, traveling the world and finding home, the title takes inspiration from the film ‘Lady Bird’, a coming-of-age-in-Catholic-school story set in Sacramento, where many of the film’s locations are familiar to Barbeau. The album is called Manbird
  • Hey Colossus’ thirteenth album, Dances / Curses, released on bassist Joe Thompson’s new Wrong Speed Records imprint, is a double album
  • A dip into the past now from the Death Jeans mini- album the fabulous Monkeys In Love.
  • Ethiopian cross-over master the wonderful Mulatu Astatke with Melbourne’s Black Jesus Experience, a collective of singers, rappers, and jazz improvisers of Moroccan, Zimbabwean, Maori, Ethiopian and Australian origins. Thats from the new album To Know Without Knowing –
  • MUSTARD GAS AND ROSES, most widely known as M.G.R., with a new EP titled We Are One via Pax Aeternum , featuring two original songs, as well as covers of Joy Division and Spiritualized. M.G.R. is the cinematic project helmed by Michael Gallagher, formerly of ISIS, Cast Iron Hike, and more. Once a largely solo/instrumental project, the project has bloomed over recent years to incorporate a wide range of collaborators. Following records on Neurot Recordings, Conspiracy Records, Barge Recordings, and others, the outfit returns in 2020 with We Are One, showcasing some of its most expansive material yet.
  • Polyphozia from their debut album Suitcase of Voices – they are a band from Wenzhou, China consisting of vocalist and guitarist Christopher Henry, bassist Zim Chen and drummer Logan Long.
  • From the recently released upgraded version of the Bend Sinister The Fall and the track that they played the most live – at least 423 times – and if you want to read my blog on the Fall’s live appearances go to
  • Fred Abong with his new single ‘Invisible Man’, the second taster of his new long-play ‘Our Mother of Perpetual Help’ (OMOPH), which was released on November 20. There are two accompanying videos – one a lyrics video and the other the official video filmed by Kristin Hersh (Throwing Muses, 50FOOTWAVE) and directed by Abong himself. This new single comes hot on the trail of lead track ‘The Minit’.
  • Lizard Brain and a great dub version of their track “Am I Just A Name Now” that is from a compilation album – The Sound Your Dreams Make – a limited edition CD put together by the people at Kammahav.
  • Rob Snarski – he’s got a new album out on December 1st which I’ll be sharing with you – pending that a great track from his 2014 album Wounded Bird.

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