Aural Delights on the Overflow 41

  1. Umbrella Assassins – Rich
  2. Bunny & The Invalid Singers – The Certainty Kids
  3. Population II – Les Vents
  4. Samo Salamon & Friends – Northern Wind (with Spiros Exaras)
  5. Tambourinen – Wollensak
  6. The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol – Beyond Long Distance Travel
  7. The Janitors – Isolation
  8. Erland Dahlen – Wagen
  9. Merrin – Horror
  10. Bunny & The Invalid Singers – None of this Happened
  11. Umbrella Assassins – Hilarious Precarious

  • I kicked off the show with a track from the new King of Fruit Vol 1 EP from Umbrella Assassins – the EP came out last Friday on German Shepherd Records
  • Bunny and The Invalid Singers – Out on Bearsuit Records a new single that was Written, recorded & produced by Bunny & The Invalid Singers and is from the forthcoming album, “The Flight Of The Certainty Kids” which will be available from Bearsuit Records, Amazon, I-tunes etc. from 21.01.21
  • Population II – Les Vents from the album A La O Terre by a band from Quebec called Population II who are the latest signing to Castle Face Records. Described as hard psych freckled with punk sentiment, both old school and timeless. Produced by Manu from the band Chocolat, they are setting a very high bar indeed. reminisccent of Amon Duul, early Pink Floyd, Kollektiv, Laurence Vanay, Les Olivensteins, early Kraftwerk, with even a touch of the Kinks.
  • Samo Salamon – From Almost Alone Vol. 1, officially released on 2 November – the first of three volumes of a really amazing new European guitar project Samo Salamon started in May during the Corona lockdown. There are eleven different guitarists featured on the album – that track was Northern Wind with Spiros Exaras who is from Greece. Many thanks to Samo for sending the album over to me
  • Tambourinen – Out of Centripetal Force (North America) and Cardinal Fuzz (UK/Europe) the 13th November release of Tambourinen’s Wooden Flower, a vinyl edition of the much lauded and sought after cassette released earlier this year through Avant-Unity Music. Tambourinen is the project of Grant Beyschau, a multi-instrumentalist and part of the braintrust behind The Myrrors. Beyschau recorded, performed, and mixed the entire album himself. The album is dominated by deep grooves, entrancing rhythms, and a massive swirl of sound that recalls the Kosmische era of German music and takes on an almost spiritual tone.
  • The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol – from Berserkir Vol II released by Cardinal Fuzz (Europe),and Feeding Tube Records (USA) the release date was 30th October – the Canadian improve unit have over the last few years started to get the love and attention they have always deserved. Like all the best artists, they do not fit snugly into any genre
  • The Janitors – Cardinal Fuzz and Little Cloud Records this time with the 5th album by the Swedish purveyors of heavy drones, fuzzed nightmares and stökpsych – The Janitors – ‘Noisolation Sessions Vol.1’.
  • Erland Dahlen The excellent percussionist with a mostly solo album featuring an array of instruments and some inventive composition – the album is called Bones
  • M e r r i n – From new EP called CAT III – they have been performing in various guises since 2009. They’re currently a three piece and are spread between London & Northampton. Soundtrack inspired Drone/Doom, named CAT III, after the Hong Kong film rating system for films that contain extreme graphic violence. This EP is their first record in five years.

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