Aural Delights on the Overflow 38

  1. Keltrix – Herstory
  2. Adele & The Chandeliers – How I Love My Sunday Mornings
  3. Lou Loudhailer – First Day of the Heatwave
  4. Anthony Pirog – Dog Daze
  5. Burning Soundz – Pure & Divine (feat. Naptali)
  6. Fred Abong – The Minit
  7. D.E.A. – Twitter Troll
  8. Ka Fu – The Hope Is Open
  9. Bastian Benjamin – Confrontation
  10. Traffik Island – Go!
  11. Jon Sjoroos – Leaving The Earth
  12. The Silverbeets – Girlfriend
  13. Dislocation Dance – Sugar Coated
  14. Anthony Pirog – Honeymoon Room

  • Keltrix from the forthcoming album Herstory
  • Adele & The Chandeliers from the new album First Date which is absolutely wonderful. Adele used to play with Dave Graney’s band and when Dave was last over in the UK he played a gig in Hull, which I attended, and supporting him was the Loudhailer Electric Company, and here’s a track from Lou of that band…..
  • Lou Loudhailer – First Day of the Heatwave – a trippy marriage of music, video, pictures and words telling of a meander along the headwaters of the River Hull, exploring it’s sources in the Yorkshire Wolds. The narrative is one of the chapters in the Open Bridges – A River Full Of Stories adventure. Written and recorded by Lou Duffy-Howard with Violin by Dexter Duffy-Howard. There’s a great video on You Tube …..
  • Anthony Pirog from his new album Pocket Poem – it’s jazz but also avant-garde and indie rock, free improvisation, electronic sound, and ambient soundscapes. A great album.
  • Burning Soundz – Back in March, UK/Bristol legend Rob Smith (AKA RSD and one half of the seminal production duo Smith & Mighty) became stranded in Auckland when the world went into lockdown and New Zealand’s borders closed. This unexpected occurrence fortunately led to Rob teaming up with local sound system operator Tobi Jafa to release local and international collaborations. First in a line of releases from j.A.f.A. Sound, ‘Pure & Divine’ links Bristol UK, Jamaica and Aotearoa/NZ in an uplifting, Jah praising jam for lovers of reggae and soundsystem culture.
  • Fred Abong has announced he will release his new album ‘Our Mother of Perpetual Help’ (OMOPH) on November 20. Ahead of that, he is previewing the lead track ‘The Minit’, which is now available via Bandcamp.
  • D.E.A. -or Dead End America from a new four track EP called Crush the Machine – a 7 inch EP of jack-hammering, oldschool style hardcore tunes released by Southern Lord.
  • Milan based Ka Fu – from his second album Heretic – ground breaking electronica
  • Dutch musician Bastian Benjamin – the single is the third to be released from his upcoming album, Two Truths which will be available on 4th of December via Passage.
  • Traffik Island is the project of the Melbourne based musician Zak Olsen (ORB, Frowning Clouds, Thibault, Hierophants). That was from the new album Sweat Kollecta’s Peanut Butter Traffik Jam.
  • Jon Sjoroos – – The single is taken from his upcoming album SJÖROOTS which will be released on the 27th of November via 11 ONES.
  • The Silverbeets – a new single from the Halcyon Days album – they are from Hobart in Tasmania
  • Dislocation Dance – from Discombobulation – all proceeds from the sake of the EP goes towards Helping Joel Live Longer

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