Aural Delights on the Overflow 37

  1. The Battery Farm – Maggot Line
  2. Filed Fangs – Chaff
  3. Ian Moss – Eton Trifles (MCs 900 Ft Trifle Remix)
  4. Klammer – I Don’t Know What Love Is
  5. The Membranes – A Strange Perfume
  6. St Lucifer – Razor (Ricardo Autobahn Remix)
  7. Phillip Parfitt – John Clare
  8. Alien Mustangs – Sound of No Future
  9. Davey Woodward – Aliens
  10. Frankie and the Witch Fingers – Where’s Your Reality
  11. The Royal Dave Graney Show – Twilight of a Villain
  12. Adele & The Chandeliers – Gourami Fish
  13. Mugstar – Star Cage

  • The focus this week in the first part of the show is on new music from Manchester
  • The Battery Farm with a new single Maggot Line. The song is about the climate crisis and the economic apartheid that will occur as a result of it. The single is released 23rd October and is the lead track from the upcoming debut EP ENDLESS UNSTOPPABLE PAIN , which is released 27th November. It was recorded at Red City Studios in Manchester
  • Boz Hayward and Paul Morley otherwise known as Filed Fangs and a new single called Chaff – you can get that on Bandcamp on the German Shepherd Records Page.
  • An as yet unreleased track from Ian Moss remixed by Mark Corrin that was Eton Trifles and the plan is to release that as part of a charity album towards Christmas
  • Klammer covering the Buzzcocks Pete Shelley – I Don’t Know What Love Is – part of a double A side all sales of which go towards a memorial for Pete in his home town of Leigh
  • The Membranes – A Strange Perfume – The track came from “What Nature Gives…Nature Takes Away” a recent double album, recorded with the band’s own 20-piece choir that juxtaposed their dark drones and melancholic epic power across sixteen songs about the beauty and violence of nature. The album features guest appearances from the likes of Chris Packham, Shirley Collins, Jordan and Kirk Brandon, all dealing with various themes of nature. It is the follow up their critically acclaimed 2015 album ‘Dark Matter/Dark Energy,’
  • Manchester’s St Lucifer have announced their third full length album – Deathcrush Palare – due for release in early 2021. The ever-evolving, ever-dynamic Manchester four-piece tease us with the first of two preceding EPs; FutureNoisePsychology.
  • Phillip Parfitt – That was a track called John Clare – Recently signed to UK/ German label A Turntable Friend Records, singer-songwriter Philip Parfitt has announced he will release his new album ‘Mental Home Recordings’ on October 30. It will be available on limited-edition gatefold coloured vinyl, as well as digitally and on CD with a special booklet.
  • Alien Mustangs – with a new release via Cardinal Fuzz and Little Cloud Records called ‘Beat Of The Earth’. Emanating sonically (and physically) from Thessaloniki, Greece, the band has been crafting its unique blend of ’60s-flavored, hypnotic, space-psych trippiness since 2013, releasing their debut LP “Alienation” in 2018 (on Sound Effect Records) – this follow up ‘ is a shimmering wash of lysergic, cosmic music. That was Sound of No Future
  • Davey Woodward with Aliens from his new album ‘Love and Optimism’, together with his band The Winter Orphans.
  • Frankie and the Witch Fingers – Where’s Your Reality from their new one Monsters Eating People Eating Monsters…
  • The Royal Dave Graney Show – Twilight of a Villain from the 2003 album The Brother Who Lived
  • Someone who has played with Dave is Adele Pickvance who has her first solo album out as Adele & The Chandeliers – Gourami Fish from First Date
  • Mugstar and Star Cage from their new album Graft which can bought from Cardinal Fuzz (Europe) & Centripetal Force (North America).

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