Aural Delights on the Overflow 35

  1. Four Candles “Patricia’s Men” unreleased
  2. Dislocation Dance “I Just Need A Friend” from Discombobulation
  3. The New Fools “Pleased To Meet You” single
  4. The Roogs “Approaching Storm” from The Roogs
  5. The Total Rejection “Drilling Holes In The Sky” from The Time Traveller’s 3rd Will & Testament
  6. Exit Kid “Bleary Eyed” single
  7. Herbcraft “Highland” from Trash Heap
  8. Loop Aznavour “Brittle Superman” from In The Fireplace with…..
  9. Monoshock “Striking A Match In The Year 4007”
  10. Moff Skellington “Madness In The City” from Y E A S T
  11. Robot “Left Hand Man” from Wedding Address
  12. Dislocation Dance “To Love And Be Loved” from Discombobulation
  13. Porcupine Tree “What Happens Now?” from Nil Recurring

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