Aural Delights 410

  1. Loop Aznavour – The Crimson Curtains
  2. Dislocation Dance – I Just Need A Friend
  3. Twin God – You and I
  4. The Apartments – I Don’t Give a Fuck About You Anymore
  5. Malcolm Hill & Live Flesh – This Is The Show
  6. Sarah Bernstein – We Coast
  7. Chrome Waves – Gazing Into Oblivion
  8. Josh Werner – Traversal
  9. Gridfailure – Surge Capacity
  10. Emi Makabe – Treeing
  11. Monoshock – Mexican Dentistry
  12. Loop Aznavour – Munro
  13. Kruder & Dorfmeister – King Size
  14. Exit Kid – Bleary Eyed
  15. Herbcraft – Highland
  16. The Total Rejection – Gravy
  17. Malcolm Hill & Live Flesh – 1971 (on your way down)
  18. The Apartments – We Talked Through Till Dawn
  19. Robot – Left Hand Man
  20. The Roogs – Approaching Storm
  21. The Electric Mud – The First Murder On Mars
  22. Sarah Bernstein – Tree
  23. Loop Aznavour – Brittle Superman
  24. Malcolm Hill & Live Flesh – I’m a Detective in the 1930s
  25. The Apartments – Butterfly Kiss
  26. Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets – Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun (Live at The Roundhouse)

  • 1, 12, 23 – from the new EP In The Fireplace with
  • 2 – from the new EP Discombobulation which is released October 30th – all proceeds from the sales of this EP go to the campaign to Help Joel Live Longer
  • 3 – the late September release of Deaths, the debut EP from Jersey City, New Jersey/Brooklyn, New York-based sludge metal/noise rock hybrid TWIN GOD.
  • 4, 18, 25 from the new album In and Out of the Light
  • 5, 17, 24 from the 2014 album ‘Voir Nights
  • 6, 22 – Sarah Bernstein is a poet, violinist, composer and fearless improviser, widely recognized for her relentlessly creative and boundary-pushing music, and recently awarded 2020’s “Rising Star Violinist” by DownBeat Magazine Critics Poll. Performing solo under the moniker ‘Exolinger,’ Bernstein has been steadily focusing on the concepts captured by this recording: washes of distorted violin in long echoes, ecstatic vocalizations, and poetic spoken word
  • 7 – Central US-based band with their second full-length record, Where We Live
  • 8 – American bassist and experimental dreamweaver Josh Werner and his new album ‘Mode For Titan’
  • 9 – New York solo outfit GRIDFAILURE presents Epicenter MMXX: Quarantine Instrumentals, a new EP created in home quarantine
  • 10 – Emi Makabe is a Japanese composer, vocalist, shamisen player, and educator based in New York City. Her songs encompass jazz, pop, classical and improvised music, and also reflect her background in Japanese music. Her debut album, “Anniversary,” will be released on October 30, 2020
  • 11 – Cardinal Fuzz (Europe) and Feeding Tube Records (N.America) are delighted to bring to you ’Runnin’ Ape Like From The Backwards Superman’ A double vinyl pressing of the killer CD comp that SS Records released way back in 2004 (this double LP has space to add some extra treats too).
  • 13 – Legendary trip-hop duo Kruder & Dorfmeister have stepped out of the ethereal fog of time to release their latest single, ‘King Size’ taken from their long-awaited album, 1995, which is set to drop on the 13th of November via G-Stone Recordings
  • 14 – Harnessing a righteous fury and disbelief at the contempt and complacency shown by our (so called) leaders during lockdown, London duo Exit Kid explode with the fiery, satirical ‘Bleary Eyed. Taking equal elements from grunge, Britpop and slacker-rock, it’s the latest single in a line of alternative-90s revivalist gems, and a three minute, two fingered salute to the medley of morons running the world during these crazy times. Brazen in its unsubtlety, the fuzzy guitar stabs and distorted yelps match the manic nature of the themes.
  • 15 – In the fall of 2012, Matt LaJoie began work on a set of lo-fi solo 4-track cassette home recordings that were intended to become Herbcraft’s fourth album, Wot Oz. As a bridge from the full-band Woodsist debut The Astral Body Electric, the songs and sketches of the Highland Ranch year represented a quickly and vastly shifting world of sonic inspiration: heavy Japanese psych, American free-jazz and proto-punk, and heady Velvet Underground bootlegs supplanted the flowing, folky, hippie-cult jams of yore. Several songs and sketches from this era were demoed and scrapped before the band’s trio lineup solidified around drummer/producer Aaron Neveu and bassist/organist Joe Lindsey in summer 2013 to record Wot Oz proper. Meanwhile, the 4-track cassette masters and crudely mixed 2-track bounce tapes from Highland Ranch were trucked from home to home in more than a dozen moves since 2013, eventually becoming lost in a mislabeled box for a couple years before finally being found in March. Now digitally transferred, remastered, and finished where left incomplete seven years ago, this previously apocryphal book of the Herbcraft story is being shared for the first time.
  • 16 – The Total Rejection bring you ‘The Time Traveller’s 3rd Will And Testament’. Their Third long playing album. Filled with ‘Class A’ Garage Punk, Pop-Psych belters, that will eat their way into your brain, and you’ll find yourself screaming “Gammon Pink faced ‘politician’ beaming down on me through my TV” in the strangest of places!
  • 19 – Robot’s third album ‘Wedding Address’. The album is a homage to his home in Berlin, the area Wedding and the pop album includes some of Berlin’s finest musicians including: Knox Chandler (Psychedelic Furs, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Cyndi Lauper), bassist Taylor Savvy (Gonzales, Bonaparte), drummer Micha Fromme (Jesper Munk) and psychedelic beach dweller Andy Aquarius on harp. Wedding Address, the follow up to 2017’s Vedgdbol is a more jagged jewel than it’s kaleidoscopic predecessor. A butterfly to a chrysalis and back again, this is pop music with metamorphic threads. This is Robbie Moore’s 3rd album as Robot – recorded at his Impression Recordings studio in Berlin, it is out on 25th September.
  • 20 – LA-based indie rock duo The Roogs present their self-titled debut album, a collection of tracks that is honest and hopeful, combining the ethereal and the aggressive, the electronic and the acoustic, and the personal with the universal.
  • 21 – Florida-based stoner/retro rock unit THE ELECTRIC MUD and their Burn The Ships full-length released on September 25th via Small Stone Records.
  • 26 – Nick with a host of early Pink Floyd tracks

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