Aural Delights on the Overflow 32

  1. Slint “Breadcrumb Trail” from Spiderland
  2. On Diamond “Candle” single
  3. Jeffrey Lee Pierce “Love and Desperation” from Wildweed
  4. The Right Side of Reason “Blue Sky” from Blue Sky
  5. Family “Some Poor Soul” from A Song for Me
  6. Matt Heckler “Ain’t No Ash Will Burn” from The Magnolia Sessions
  7. Wax Machine “Shade” from Earthsong of Silence
  8. L.A. Witch “Fire Starter” from Play with Fire
  9. Throwing Muses “Dark Blue” from Sun Racket
  10. Violent Vickie “Serotonin” from Division
  11. Bent Arcana “Outré Sorcellerie” from Bent Arcana
  12. Fang Complex “Ensemble (Remix)” single
  13. Sonic Youth “Rain On Tin” from Murray Street

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