Aural Delights on the Overflow 31

  1. Savak “Vis A Vis” from Rotting Teeth in the Horse’s Mouth
  2. Kammahav “Visibility Cloak” single
  3. Svnth “Who Is The Dreamer” from Spring In Blue
  4. Perpacity “My Life Is In You” from Conflagration
  5. The Asteroid No. 4 “All Mixed Up” from Northern Songs
  6. I Like Trains “Desire Is A Mess” from Kompromat
  7. Big Blood “Creepin’ Crazy Time” from Dark Country Magic
  8. The Royal Dave Graney Show “Out of the Loop Baby” from All Our Friends Were Stars
  9. Cavern “Red Moon” from Powdered
  10. Space Museum “Excruciate” from Histamine/Excruciate
  11. Prana Crafter “A Plan Is Where You Make It” from MorphoMystic
  12. Rhys Bloodjoy “Death By Succubus” from Human Pattern Repeat
  13. Lou Loudhailer “These Animals Are Dangerous” single
  14. Sly & Robbie meet Eivind Aarset and Nils Petter Molvaer “Rock Stone Noah Biggie” from Nordub

  • We kicked off this time with Savak and “Vis A Vis” from the new album Rotting Teeth in the Horse’s Mouth. They are an indie rock band from Brooklyn, New York.
  • Kammahav and “Visibility Cloak” and a new single on Everlasting Records – Tony and Christian back but with a few additional musicians added to the mix. Stenbit is Stefan Andersson, some of his Stenbit recordings can be found on Spotify. Erik Bergqvist is the singer of Victorian Tin – Tony Jenkins wrote the first verse and the choruses and then got stuck So they asked Erik to contribute and kept his vocal too Britt K Jardon was in a band with Christian and Erik over 20 years ago!
  • Italian post-black metal unit SVNTH releaseD their third full-length, Spring In Blue, via Transcending Records on August 28th. Captured by Colin Marston at Menegroth, the Thousand Caves in Queens, New York, Spring In Blue delivers six tracks that far transcend the band’s previous efforts. Fusing atmospheric black metal eruptions with the more solid structured roots of ‘70s class rock and ‘90s shoegaze . that was “Who Is The Dreamer”
  • Perpacity and “My Life Is In You” . Always experimenting with new sounds and directions, Perpacity’s latest album, ‘Conflagration’, raises the bar yet again over their previous work. Whilst they can be described broadly as producing catchy electronica, this is much, much more
  • The new one from The Asteroid No 4 just released via a partnership with UK-based Cardinal Fuzz Records and Portland’s Little Cloud Records. That was All Mixed Up and the album is called Northern Songs
  • ‘KOMPROMAT’ is I Like Trains fourth studio album. It deals with the thorny subject of information; how we consume it, how we process it and how our personal data can be used for political and financial gain. The band’s first record since ‘The Shallows’ (2012).
  • Big Blood and Creepin Crazy Time from Dark Country Magic. Cardinal Fuzz and Feeding Tube Records are releasing vinyl pressing of ‘Dark Country Magic’ from this wonderful Maine trio.
  • The Royal Dave Graney Show from 2003, a track originally on the Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye album but that was a re-recorded version from the All Our Friends were Stars EP – “Out Of The Loop, Baby”
  • Maryland-based atmospheric post-rock trio CAVERN and their fourth full-length, Powdered, which was released on August 28th.
  • Space Museum “Excruciate” from Histamine/Excruciate – a new single
  • Prana Crafter is William Sol, a musical mystic who blends the raw energies of nature with guitars, synthesizers, singing bowls, and a dose of flow-consciousness. That was “A Plan Is Where You Make It” from his new one MorphoMystic
  • Rhys Bloodjoy “Death By Succubus” from Human Pattern Repeat – The beats and music on this record were created using an acoustic guitar and looper/fx pedals. All songs written, recorded and mixed by Rhys Bloodjoy. Debut album
  • Lou Loudhailer “These Animals Are Dangerous” solo single from the Loudhailer Electric Company bassist/vocalist.
  • Sly & Robbie in the company of Norwegian jazzmen Eivind Aarset on guitar and Nils Petter Molvaer on trumpet with “Rock Stone Noah Biggie” from Nordub

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