Restroy is the dream project of Christopher Dammann, developed in collaboration with James Davis, Kevin Davis, Mabel Kwan, Paul Giallorenzo, and the great Avreeayl Ra. Dammann says, “Avreeayl, James, Mabel, Kevin, and Paul are the most inspiring musicians I know and this music is exactly the music I want to make. In the last five-plus years of working on this project, I moved mountains to live in the City of Chicago and make music with these people.”

Sketches, Restroy’s 2020 release on ears&eyes Records, was finished during a month-long musical residency at Steep Theatre and recorded over a weekend in September 2019. The first five tracks were recorded at Decade Music Studios and the sixth from a show at Elastic Arts the night before the studio session — where Avreeayl sounded so burning the track refused to not be released. Sketches premieres worldwide on September 25, 2020, with a live stream hosted by The Hideout. The premiere will include a video of the band’s day at the recording studio.

In a year where so much has changed, this is music made in constant gratitude to and appreciation of the Chicago musical community — the venues that give sound room to grow, the musicians who are the best at what they do, and all the people who listen. 

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