Aural Delights 405

  1. The Junta “High” from J3
  2. M30 “Howlin’ Wolf” single
  3. Kim Salmon and the Surrealists “Intro/I Think I Cracked This Thing” from Rantings from the Book of Swamp
  4. Mark Snarski “I Salute Your Squalls” from Such Are The Sounds Of Trains
  5. Dave Graney ‘n’ The Coral Snakes “A Deal Made For Somebody Else” from My Life On The Plains
  6. Scattered Order “And Then There Is Revision” from Everything Happened In The Beginning
  7. Ellis Munk Ensemble “The Wedge” from San Diego Sessions
  8. I Like Trains “Patience Is A Virtue” from Kompromat
  9. Reserving Dirtnaps “Sleepless” from Another Disaster
  10. The Persian Leaps “Lost Cause” single
  11. Theyrgy “Dreamcatcher” from Exit Strategies
  12. The Junta “Straight Outta Claremont” from J3
  13. Kim Salmon and the Surrealists “Le Party Girl” from Rantings from the Book of Swamp
  14. Mark Snarski “Kim Salmon T Shirt” from Such Are The Sounds Of Trains
  15. Scattered Order “Dressed In The Shadow Of A Hat” from Everything Happened In The Beginning
  16. Dave Graney ‘n’ The The Coral Snakes “World Full of Daughters” from My Life On The Plains
  17. Ellis Munk Ensemble “Pauly’s Pentacles” from San Diego Sessions
  18. Mark Snarski “Curable” from Such Are The Sounds Of Trains
  19. Scattered Order “National Adjustment Scheme” from Everything Happened In The Beginning
  20. Expander “Hyper-Flesh Aedificium” from Neuropunk Boostergang
  21. Dave Graney ‘n’ The The Coral Snakes “The Greatest Show In Town” from My Life On The Plains
  22. The Junta “Suspiria” from J3


  • The Junta – Salford based electronica supremo with his 3rd album on German Shepherd Records
  • M30 – this came through the other day, they are apparently from round where I live given their name. Other than that and it coming out on a Salford Quays/Media City based label I know very little of this outfit.
  • Kim Salmon and the Surrealists – recorded live and improvised ….. I watched some of the live stream and very good it was too – there’s also a few new singles out from Kim.
  • Mark Snarski – a follow up from last years excellent solo album. The ex Chad’s Tree. Jackson Code, Nearly Brothers man is in fine form with a truly great album
  • Dave Graney ‘n’ The Coral Snakes – continuing my haphazard journey through the Graney/Moore back catalogue – these tracks were originally on the At His Stone Beach EP and were tacked onto the end of the My Life On The Plains CD.
  • Scattered Order – one of Australia’s longest-lived and most consistently experimental bands has mutated once again. Now in their 40th year they continue to confound with their take on post / industrial music. After the release of the double album “A suitcase full of snow globes” and the subsequent tour in 2017 Scattered Order (Mitch Jones, Michael Tee and Shane Fahey) took a break to pursue other music projects.They return with a new album “Everything happened in the beginning”. Recorded in their home studio over a weekend in June 2019, this album combines the spontaneity of live performance and in-the-moment composition with a new poise in production. Some listeners will recognise the spoken and direct vocal style characteristic of some of their earliest work making a welcome reappearance.
  • Ellis Munk Ensemble – On this session Denmark’s Jonas Munk (Causa Sui) joins forces with San Diego native Brian Ellis (who’s not only a prime mover in the psychedelic scene, but has also been active in California’s jazz and funk circuits for several years), and an assemblage of prime musicians from the area, including members of Astra, Psicomagia, Monarch, Radio Moscow and Sacri Monti. The result is an intoxicating brew that’s hard to put a label on. Fueled by the furious drumming of Paul Marrone, and led by Jonas Munk’s fuzzy lead guitar and the multicolored keys of Brian Ellis, there’s an unmoored, floating quality to the music the large ensemble was creating at these sessions. It’s the kind of record you can put on and just let it wash over you. The closest references would be Miles Davis circa Bitches Brew, Hendrix at Woodstock, or perhaps Can at their most blazing and levitational. The music flows like an electric river of vintage keys, percussion and fuzz guitars. And it’s glowing with life. Vinyl comes in gatefold sleeve with art by Alan Forbes and liner notes by Jonas Munk. For fans of Causa Sui, Earthless and Psicomagia this set is not to be missed!
  • I Like Trains – ‘KOMPROMAT’ is the band’s fourth studio album. It deals with the thorny subject of information; how we consume it, how we process it and how our personal data can be used for political and financial gain. This is the band’s first record since ‘The Shallows’ (2012), which focused on how the internet and smart technology is re-wiring the human mind and affecting our concentration spans. Now, with ‘KOMPROMAT’, it’s clear that this same technology, in the wrong hands, has taken an even more sinister turn. The game has changed – and I LIKE TRAINS have changed with it. Formed in 2004, I LIKE TRAINS is David Martin (vocals/guitar), Alistair Bowis (bass), Guy Bannister (guitar/synths), Simon Fogal (drums) and Ian Jarrold (guitar). They have never shied away from confronting the possibility of humanity’s collapse. Earlier records, like the towering Godspeed-influenced ‘Progress Reform’ (2006) and ‘Elegies to Lessons Learnt’ (2007) took tales of tragic characters and events from history and applied them to the modern day, while ‘He Who Saw The Deep’ (2010) looked uneasily ahead to the climate change battle we are on the verge of losing. While ‘KOMPROMAT’ sounds like none of those records, it contains DNA from all of them. I LIKE TRAINS has gone back to go forwards in some ways, returning to some of the primary influences that inspired the band’s formation: Joy Division, The Birthday Party, Gang of Four, Television and The Velvet Underground. This is a record that digs beneath populism’s rise, from the divide and conquer tactics that caused Brexit in the UK, to Trump’s ascent in America and the subsequent reign of lies and misinformation, to discover the grubby hands that have engineered it all.
  • Reserving Dirtnaps – Since their 2013 formation, RESERVING DIRTNAPS has expelled their harsh alloy of death metal/grind influences and breakdown-strewn metallic hardcore, inspired by the likes of Hatebreed, Cold As Life, Death Threat, Merauder, and Napalm Death. The band released their self-titled EP in March 2014 and instantly began to pick up across their local region, playing live regularly. 2016 saw the release of their second EP, Part II, as the band began to hit on a more widespread national level, performing well beyond their local scene. In 2017 and 2018, the band played several reginal tours surrounding performances at notable fests, including the mighty This Is Hardcore in Philadelphia, Mutants Of The Monster in Little Rock, Hard Times in Laredo, and Flyover in Tulsa. Additionally, in 2018 RESERVING DIRTNAPS released Look at Us Wrong, a collaborative album with renowned rapper Tom Skeemask. Their busiest year yet, 2019 saw RESERVING DIRTNAPS touring throughout the year on multiple tours across the country alongside the likes of Capitol Offense, Purgatory, Paper Trail, No Option, Kharma, Adrenaline, and others, which led them to the doorstep of WAR Records. This new cooperation led to the creation of the band’s most brutal material yet, their impending Another Disaster EP.
  • The Persian Leaps – Indie rock power pop outfit The Persian Leaps have announced they will release their new ‘Smiling Lessons’ EP in mid-September. Ahead of that, they present the whimsically infectious lead track ‘Lost Cause’. Hailing from St. Paul, Minnesota, The Persian Leaps are Drew Forsberg (vocals, guitars, keyboards, drum programming) and Jon Hunt (bass, vocals).
  • Chicago, Illinois-based THEYRGY presents their debut EP, Exit Strategies. The record is confirmed for release in August via newly formed label, Dead Sage. THEYRGY was formed in February 2018 by John Doyle (I Decline,13 Flowers), John E. Bomher (Yakuza, Iklatus), Michael Fabiano, and Tony Hooper. Drawing inspiration from post-punk, industrial, and shoegaze artists, the band’s music aims to radiate light from within the dark spaces resonating inside and outside the listener.
  • Expander – has subverted traditional band trajectories to receive global recognition of their unique brand of futuristic metalpunk since forming in 2014. With their second full-length album, Neuropunk Boostergang, the group aggressively channels the anxieties foisted on us from oppressive systems using every weapon at their disposal: pummelling rhythms, transcendent melodies and wild vocal deliveries that keep listeners on guard for whatever might come crawling from the wastes next. Should we retain our humanity in the face of constant neurological assault? Is the physical body altogether obsolete? What otherworldly landscapes plagued by grotesque overlords will we find ourselves surviving next? .”

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