Neuropunk Boostergang

In August 2020 Profound Lore release a caustic slab of raging thrash/punk decimation from Austin, Texas-based EXPANDER, bringing the band on board for the release of their second LP, Neuropunk Boostergang.

Neuropunk Boostergang marks EXPANDER’s return to GodCity Studio (Converge, Old Man Gloom, Full Of Hell), again utilizing the state-of-the-art studio to capture every nuance of the raw energy contained within these potent audio capsules. The result is a glimpse into a barbarous future where traditional riffs get flipped on their head, anti-gravity rhythms pull you in different directions and supernatural voices jack-in to your skull to command attention. The album was recorded by Kurt Ballou, mastered by Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust), and completed with cover art by Luca Carey.

With the lead single’s premiere, the band writes, “’Hyper-Flesh Aedificium’ describes a landscape where human evolution becomes intertwined with our cities, buildings and artifacts. The monolithic structures described in the song are physically alive, breathing and self-healing, an extension of the body itself. These unimaginable architectures represent the first step of unification between Earth and outer space and offer a glimpse into an unsettling bio-mechanical future that EXPANDER inhabits.

A riotous melange of wall of sound unrelenting riffs and percussion which takes no prisoners. Not for the faint hearted this release could possibly cause permanent aural damage with prolonged exposure.

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