Aural Delights on the Overflow 26

  1. Matthew Hopkins “Love Don’t Do Logic” single
  2. Filed Fangs “(I Am A) Utopian” single
  3. Moss Skellington “The Lump” from The Lump
  4. Steve Von Till “Dreams Of Trees” from No Wilderness Deep Enough
  5. Dusker “Leo” from EP II
  6. Taiwan Housing Project “Downy Hump” from Sub-Language Trustees
  7. Black Mountain “Behind The Fall” from Black Mountain
  8. Malcolm Hill and Live Flesh “Eyes That Stare For Ever” single
  9. Faux Machismo “Dopamine” single
  10. sycloner “Right Here” from Running Interference
  11. The Stu Thomas Paradox “Ticket” from Counting to Infinity
  12. Dave Graney, Clare Moore “Rock n Roll Is Where I Hide” from with Georgio “The Dove” Valentino and Malcolm Ross
  13. J. Zunz “Y” from Hibiscus
  14. White Manna “Mythic Salon” from ARC

  • The first track on the show this week was Matthew Hopkins with their second release “Love Don’t Do Logic” released on August 7th on German Shepherd Records. There’s a great video that accompanies that release which is well worth checking out on You Tube or the German Shepherd Bandcamp page for Matthew Hopkins.
  • Filed Fangs “(I Am A) Utopian” single – From Manchester Boz Hayward and Paul Morley aka Filed Fangs with their second single (I Am A) Utopian – also released on German Shepherd Records on August 7th and also with a video.
  • Ian Fourcandles and Moff Skellington as Moss Skellington with a track from an album released a few years back – newly repackaged with all the singles they did around that time. That was The Lump which is the title track.
  • Von Till’s fifth solo album is a swirling and iridescent blend of ambient, neo-classical, and gothic Americana that swan-dives into the darkness of modern life, with the resulting emergence a sonic document of rural psychedelia – it’s called No Wilderness Deep Enough – that was Dreams of Trees.
  • Dusker “Leo” from EP II… Based across two counties in England (Leicestershire and West Yorkshire), Dusker formed in 2019 through the amalgamation of a number of prior bands in Leicester’s close-knit DIY scenes. That was Leo from their second EP.
  • Taiwan Housing Project “Downy Hump” from Sub-Language Trustees… For the 2019 album Sub-Language Trustees, their follow up to 2017’s critically- acclaimed debut Veblen Death Mask, Taiwan Housing Project has partnered with NYC’s Ever/Never Records. That was Downy Hump. Back to 2005 now for some music from Black Mountain
  • Behind The Fall from the 10th anniversary edition of Black Mountains debut album……that was followed by an excellent new single from Malcolm Hill and Live Flesh called “Eyes That Stare Forever” – and I strongly recommend his Harmony & Destiny album from last year.
  • Faux Machismo are a two-piece performing stoner-witch-doom-grunge and hail from the fringes of Leeds’ city centre. A combination downbeat, sludgy guitar riffs with scuzzy, opiatic drum beats, the duo’s musical output is uncomplicated. That was Dopamine.
  • Another German Shepherd release a new EP from sycloner who never disappoint – that was Right Here the EP is called “Running Interference”
  • Great new album from Stu Thomas available now in CD format from Bandcamp – it’s called Counting To Infinity and that was Ticket. And there’s a review of the release elsewhere on the blog
  • Stu just happens to be the bass player in Dave Graney & The MistLy but couldn’t make the 2017 tour Dave and Clare Moore did of Europe/UK so a “Pop-Up” band including Georgio “The Dove” Valentino and Malcolm Ross picked up the duties that second song was “Rock n Roll is where I hide” from a great new live album which chronicles gigs in London and Hull – I think that’s the Hull recording and you can hear me shouting more in the background…..they did some great shows in the UK, I looked after the one in Manchester at Freds Ale House which was also excellent.
  • Lorena Quintanilla – better known as one half of Mexican duo ‘Lorelle Meets The Obsolete from an excellent new album called Hibiscus which is out on Rocket Recordings on August 21st – a truly remarkable album.
  • I leave you with a track from the new album from White Manna which is called ARC – the track is “Mythic Salon”

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