Aural Delights on the Overflow 25

  1. Four Candles “Trouble in Paradise” unreleased
  2. Black Limousine “Vampire” single
  3. Might “Vampire” from Might
  4. Alain Johannes “Mermaids Scream” from Hum
  5. Jaye Jayle “Don’t Blame The Rain” from Prisyn
  6. Manu Arteaga “Fractured Town” from Portraits
  7. Mayflower Madame “Sacred Core” from Prepared For A Nightmare
  8. King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard “Honey” single
  9. The Lapin D’Amour “Humans” single
  10. Joe Ghatt “Mammon” from Banana Sludge
  11. No Base Trio “EXT IV” from No Base Trio
  12. Four Candles “Patricia’s Men” unreleased
  13. The New Fools “Witch” single
  14. Parlor Walls “Birds of Paradise” from Heavy Tongue

Black Limousine lead by guitarist Mark Taylor from Four Candles with their second single Vampire which was released on German Shepherd Records on July 31st and features new drummer Neil Mykowski who also recorded and engineered the track. Next we have Might from their eponymous album and rather coincidentally a track called Vampire.

From Hanover, Germany – The married couple Ana Muhi (vocals, bass) and Sven Missullis (guitars, vocals, drums) moved into their own studio in March 2020 to record their self-titled debut album – Might and that was “Vampire”. That’s out on Exile on Mainstreet. Next up an album from Alain Johannes called “Hum” this is Mermaids Scream.

Born out of a period of tragic loss, extreme illness, and ultimately rebirth, Alain Johannes reaches a place of peace and purpose on his 2020 third full – length solo offering, Hum on Ipecac Recordings. That was Mermaids Scream from a truly remarkable album. Next I have something for you from the new album from Jaye Jayle.

Jaye Jayle and “Don’t Blame The Rain” from the new album Prisyn – with this album Ewan Patterson used the most basic tool at his disposal—the GarageBand app on an iPhone 8. Instead of his usual backing band, he paired up with Ben Chisholm (White Horse, Revelator, Chelsea Wolfe) as collaborator and producer to create an electronic album completely unlike anything else in his discography. Now from just south of Manchester here is Manu Arteaga with guest Tim Lyons and Fractured Town.

From a new EP called Journeys, available on Soundcloud, Manu Arteaga with Tim Lyons of The Harveys and Fractured Town. That was followed by Norwegian psychedelic post-punk outfit Mayflower Madame with the third single ‘Sacred Core’ off their new second album ‘Prepared for a Nightmare’, released via French label Only Lovers Records in collaboration with Portland’s Little Cloud Records and Parisian label Icy Cold Records. Off to Australia now for a new one from King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard.

Honey a new one from King Gizzard and Lizard Wizard following the two live albums which came out earlier this year. Next up a single which involves Paul Rosenfeld from 2 Lost Souls in a collective known as The Lapin D’Amour – this is Humans.

Humans – made anonymously under the Lapin D’Amour collective – a bunch of friends from across the globe got together to make this collage of sounds in response to 2020. If you like it its a free single that you can pick up just by emailing and requesting a copy. Next we have music from Joe Ghatt

JOE GHATT. Originally from the sunny town of Nelson at the top of the South Island of New Zealand, Joe now resides in Auckland where he’s been busy recording his debut album ‘BANANA SLUDGE’. After performing and collaborating the last few years with Kiwi Psych Rockers Arthur Ahbez and Kelvin Hurts, Joe found some spare time to explore his own groovy lofi palette; ‘Banana Sludge’ was the result of this self-discovery. That track was called “Mammon”. Next some fascinating music from the No Base Trio.

No Base Trio is the union of alto saxophonist Jonathan Suazo, drummer Leonardo Osuna, and Gabriel Vicens on electric guitar. Formed in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 2010 they have been playing together for more than a decade, that was from their self-titled debut album and called EXT IV. The album is released under the experimental label Setola di Maiale. Lets have another one from Four Candles.

Another unreleased one from Four Candles called Patricia’s Men – I’m not sure when that and the other track are being released but I’ll let you know when I have more details. Next The New Fools and Witch.

Another lockdown single from The New Fools from Cambridge – that was called Witch and features Kristen Hersh speaking at the beginning there.

I leave you with Parlor Walls from Brooklyn New York with a track from their new album Human Tongue called Birds of Paradise

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