Dave, Clare, Georgio and Malcolm

The second live album from Dave Graney and Clare Moore for 2020 covers dates in the UK in 2017.

With very little luggage and gear Dave and Clare embarked on a tour of Europe accompanied by Georgio “The Dove” Valentino as driver reciprocating for a tour with Georgio in Australia some months earlier. With Stu Thomas and Stu Perera from the MistLy absent Georgio picked up the guitar for the continental Europe dates and Patrizia Finzi took up the bass duties. For the UK dates in Edinburgh, Manchester, Hull and London, Malcolm Ross took over on guitar and Georgio moved to bass.

I was involved in making the Manchester gig happen and also travelled over to Hull to see the gig there. The bulk of this recording is from the London gig at the Betsey Trotwood in Clerkenwell but the versions of Night of the Wolverine and Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Where I Hide are from Hull. I’ve recounted the tales of the Manchester and Hull gigs elsewhere so I will not repeat myself. Suffice to say it is good to have an official record of what was an enjoyable time.

You get seventeen songs and 80 plus minutes of music. The song selections cover the breadth of the Graney/Moore output with music from The Coral Snakes, The White Buffaloes and the more recent releases focusing for three songs on the extant Let’s Get Tight. A highlight is the coupling of Twilight of a Villain and Heroic Blues where Graney dissects his own career/role in the music biz in plain sight as the band interweave layers of sound as an atmospheric backdrop.

The programming on the album mirrors the live experience with Clare playing keys for the first eight songs and then moving to the drum kit for the rest. Malcolm Ross shines on lap guitar on a consummate performance of “Robert Ford On The Stage” which I recall as being a stand-out performance on the two gigs I was at. We are also treated to three Malcolm Ross songs “Happy Boy” “My Avenger” (which I mistook for Graney’s Mind Full Of Leather at the Manchester soundcheck) and “As Good As It Gets”.

The trademark Graney intersong banter and story telling is of course in place and adds to the listening pleasure.

It goes without saying – this is highly recommended, and if you haven’t heard Graney and Moore’s music before a very good introduction to an amazing body of work.


  • Dave Graney – Fearful Wiggings, Heroic Blues, The Brother Who Lived
  • Dave Graney and The White Buffaloes – My Life On The Plains
  • Dave Graney and The Coral Snakes – Night of the Wolverine
  • Dave Graney and The MistLy – Rock n Roll Is Where I Hide
  • Dave Graney and Clare Moore – Let’s Get Tight
  • Malcolm Ross – Happy Boy, Malcolm Ross and the Low Miffs, Low Shot
  • Georgio “The Dove” Valentino – Mille Plateaux

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