Aural Delights on the Overflow 22

  1. Wire “Boiling Boy” from 10:20
  2. Frank Zappa and The Mothers “Red Tubular Lighter” from The Mothers 1970
  3. Golden Plates “The Six Million Dollar Manchild” from Unplugged with the Bourbon Tabernacle Orchestra
  4. The Third Kind “Man vs. Earth” from Man vs. Earth
  5. A Shoreline Dream “Seek To Hide” from Melting
  6. The New Fools “Another Way of Thinking” from The Lockdown Sessions
  7. Sei Still “Blumenkreige” from Sei Still
  8. Mark Corrin “Elephant Graveyard Parts 1 and 2” from Fabled Shore
  9. I Like Trains “Dig In” from Kompromat
  10. Gila “This Morning” from Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee
  11. Robert Johnson “Love In Vain” from King of the Delta Blues Singers Vol. 2
  12. Frank Zappa and The Mothers “Pound for a Brown” from The Mothers 1970

  1. I kicked of this week with Wire from a release called 10:20 and the track Boiling Boy originally from my favourite Wire album “A Bell Is A Cup” – this new release is a vinyl-only album, a collection of “stray” tracks…… recordings of pieces that couldn’t be accommodated on regular albums and compositions that – following their original studio recording – evolved substantially through live performance, and so deserved a new life on record.
  2. One of 70 unreleased live and studio recordings featured on The Mothers 1970, available digitally and as a 4CD box set June 26 via Zappa Records/UMe. More than four hours of previously unreleased performances by the heralded lineup which lasted roughly seven months: with Zappa – Aynsley Dunbar (drums), George Duke (piano/keys/trombone), Ian Underwood (organ/keys/guitar), Jeff Simmons (bass/vocals) and Flo & Eddie aka Howard Kaylan (vocals) and Mark Volman (vocals/percussion). That was Red Tubular Lighter.
  3. The promo on this…..Last week Elder Brycen (lead singer) of Golden Plates (Indie Rock Superband from SLC and San Diego/ An LSD Cult that wants to make every day your birthday) broke into the Church of Scientology and stole one of their E-Meters. When he hooked it up to himself and grabbed his acoustic guitar, it started playing along with him. We recorded the performance, and present it to you as Golden Plates: Unplugged with the Bourbon Tabernacle Orchestra (out June 26). Whether an actual SciFi magic orchestra actually lives in that machine, we got drunk and imagined it all, the Scientologists used their evil powers on us, or we made the whole thing up… there’s really just no way to know. That was the Six Million Dollar Manchild.
  4. New York Hardcore/Punk Infused Street Thrash from The Third Kind from their new one Man vs. Earth – that was the title track – fascinating marriage of several genres there
  5. Progressive shoegaze postpunk outfit A Shoreline Dream have announced they will release their long-awaited ‘Melting’ LP later this summer via Latenight Weeknight Records. Ahead of that, they present the lead track ‘Seek To Hide’. A lot going on in that one.
  6. The New Fools and “Another Way of Thinking” the latest in a series of singles – another pop classic from Tony Jenkins and the team.
  7. Sei Still who sound like they are from Dusseldorf about 50 years ago but actually are from Mexico – indebted to Neu! I think – from their debut album which came out in April…an album which shows it’s influences but manages to develop/concoct a new sound out of it all
  8. From a new album on German Shepherd records called Fabled Shore – a collection of older songs and recordings –
  9. Leeds-based trailblazers I LIKE TRAINS continue their diatribe against the powers-that-be in their new single ‘Dig In’, the second offering from their forthcoming hard-hitting fourth album ‘KOMPROMAT’ , due on August 21 via Schubert Music’s newly founded Atlantic Curve label.
  10. Conny Veit originally formed Gila as an improvisatory space-rock group, which split in 1972. After playing on Popol Vuh’s Hosianna Mantra, Veit decided to revive the Gila name for another album, and invited Popol Vuh’s Florian Fricke and future Vuh mainstay Daniel Fichelscher (who Veit had met at Amon Düül’s commune) to participate. The album’s concept was based on Dee Brown’s book Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee: An Indian History of The American West, . That was This Morning.
  11. From King of the Delta Blues SIngers Vol 2
  12. Another track from the new Zappa album

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