Aural Delights 397

  1. Wire “German Shepherds” from 10:20
  2. Mark Corrin “Aromatherapy” from Fabled Shore
  3. The Residents “Bury my Bone” from Metal, Meat and Bone
  4. Frank Zappa and The Mothers “Portugese Fenders” from The Mothers 1970
  5. Sei Still “El Camino” from Sei Still
  6. Dave Graney & Clare Moore “I Wanna Get Lost Again” from Hashish & Liquor
  7. Elm “A Storm Is Coming” from The Wait
  8. Robert Johnson “I’m a steady rollin’ man” from King of the Delta Blues Singers Vol. 2
  9. The Cool Greenhouse “Dirty Glasses” from The Cool Greenhouse
  10. I Like Trains “Dig In” from Kompromat
  11. A Shoreline Dream “Seek To Hide” from Melting
  12. The New Fools “Another Way of Thinking” from Lockdown Sessions
  13. Sei Still “Emisión” from Sei Still
  14. Peter Hammill “Film Noir” from Patience
  15. Elm “44” from The Wait
  16. Mark Corrin “Fabled Shore” from Fabled Shore
  17. The Cool Greenhouse “Smile. Love!” from The Cool Greenhouse
  18. The Third Kind “Electronic Moon” from Man vs Earth
  19. Golden Plates “Capitol” from Unplugged with the Bourbon Tabernacle Orchestra
  20. Gila “The Buffalo Are Coming” from Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee
  21. Dave Graney & Clare Moore “A Lot To Drink About” from Hashish and Liquor
  22. The Cool Greenhouse “Trojan Horse” from The Cool Greenhouse
  23. Elm “Shell of a Man” from The Wait
  24. The Residents “Midnight Man” from Metal, Meat and Bone
  25. Mark Corrin “The Ernest Hemingway Type” from Fabled Shore
  26. Sei Still “Fortuna” from Sei Still
  27. Frank Zappa and The Mothers “Pound for a Brown” from The Mothers 1970

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