Aural Delights on the Overflow 19


  1. Psychic Markers – Where Is The Prize?
  2. Beauty In Chaos – The Outside feat. Ashton Nyte
  3. Dominic Carlton Jones – Reach Out To Your Far Horizon
  4. Skylights – Enemies
  5. Subatomic Sound System & Junior Dread – Revolution 2 Freedom (10″ Mix)
  6. Lazaris Pit – You Don’t Tag Me In Memes Anymore
  7. Jonas Lapinas – Celestia Theme
  8. Spiral Galaxy – Pendlewitches
  9. Dominic Carlton Jones – German Bombers
  10. Shishi – Burbuliene
  11. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – The Second Order Of The First
  12. Subatomic Sound System & Junior Dread – Revolution Dub (7″ Mix)

  • 1 – from the eponymous album – third full length
  • 2 – Michael Ciravolo of Human Drama and Gene Loves Jezebel, from the Storm Before The Calm
  • 3 and 9 – new single released on German Shepherd Records
  • 4 – York based anthemic rock n rollers recently signed to Manchester’s 42’s Records new single released Friday 12th June 2020 – Puffer Fish PR
  • 5 and 12 – built from Subatomic’s “Shaolin Dub” riddim. Subatomic composed the tune while working on Lee “Scratch” Perry’s Super Ape Returns To Conquer, in 2017.
  • 6 – from Coniphers – from Raleigh NC
  • 7 – new EP on DHM records member of Terra Fin
  • 8 eponymous album – Sara Gossett and Plastic Crimewave create devotional voyages of flute, synth, guitar, sitar, drum machine, and drones to conjure the kosmische vibe of Yatha Sidhra, Achim Reichel, early Kraftwerk with odes to New Age, shoegaze and synthpop
  • 10 – This is what Surf Rock would sound like if it was made in the dark near the frozen shores of the Baltic sea. Because it was. Benadetta, Victoria and Maria Rosa (these are definitely not their real names) are a trio of Lithuanian mermaids who create ‘zero-waste trash music’ under the name ‘Shishi’. They sing about how it feels to be living in times when nothing makes sense anymore. The album is called Mafitishei
  • 11 – new album Sideways to New Italy

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