Perpetual Twilight

Alternative/Post-Hardcore from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Their second album.

A tasty collection of fierce and unforgiving tunes with some very clever changes and variations to what can be a familiar genre/sub genre. No familarity here, as the trio’s refreshing approach to this style of music is both powerful and thought provoking.

The promo says “Reflecting on themes of mortality and political hostility, Perpetual Twilight retains the band’s signature bark while also expanding the atmosphere and textures of their more subtle moments”, which is accurate and to the point. Particularly notable are the clever shifts in structure and tempo during songs creating an impressive tension/release. Raw-throated vocals dominate but their are more considered/melodic/quieter sections which adds to the variety of the pieces.

Airplay is guaranteed on Aural Delights for this impressive band.

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