Aural Delights on the Overflow 17

  1. Four Candles – Doughnuts
  2. West Coast Sick Line – Printing Planets
  3. Cosmic Panthers – Street Scum
  4. Altar of Eris – Three-fold
  5. Close The Hatch – Hedge Rider
  6. Graney Moore Casinader – Three Dead Passengers In A Stolen Second Hand Ford
  7. Hexvessel – Billion Year Old Being
  8. Kavanagh – Neon Baby
  9. Melenas – Primer Tiempo
  10. The New Fools – Solowly
  11. The Flytraps – Wild Card
  12. Altar of Eris – Transmigration
  13. Four Candles – Loose Lips
  14. The Junta – Tech Noir

  • 1 and 13 – new EP Alternative Golf – all proceeds from sales going to assist the Peer Hat
  • 2 new EP Colour Climax – first for two years
  • 3 partnership between Fuzzy Warbles and German Shepherd record labels. Cassette and Bandcamp release by FW and wider distribution by GS – Ball The Wall
  • 4 and 12 – Emerging from the abyss, postpunk / darkwave outfit Altar of Eris present the ‘Isolation’ EP’. Their sophomore release, here they lend listeners a glimpse into their own dark and raw musical reality. Hailing from Seattle, Washington, Altar of Eris is a three-piece band comprised of Travis Stanley (vocals, synth, lyrics, drums and social media), Nick Trimmer (bass, drums and production) and Brandon Bannister (guitar, drums and band relations)
  • 5 Modern Witchcraft (2020) full-length Red Moth Records. Independent of strict classification, yet beholden to the lineage of conceptual metal, CLOSE THE HATCH stride confidently in the footsteps of post and doom metal heavyweights like Neurosis and Isis yet emote with a conviction that’s distinctly their own. Seventh album.
  • 6 new live album “In Concert”recorded at Smiths Canberra
  • 7 Kindred (2020) Psychedelic forest folk-rockers Hexvessel release their new nature-mystic opus, Kindred, via Svart Records. Taking a darker and more esoteric path, Blues-laden psych-rock and progressive structures harken back to King Crimson, giving way to dark earthen balladry reminiscent of early Nick Cave
  • 8 KAVANAGH – Neon Baby came to life in 2016, hitting the pubs and clubs of Canterbury in Kent. Formed of 5 members, they have since won two national Battle of the Bands competitions. Now based in Brighton, they are the epitome of unsigned, DIY Rock n Roll.
  • 9 Dios Raros (2020) – Released 5th June, via Trouble In Mind. Indie pop quartet Melenas hail from Pamplona, Spain, a picturesque region nestled just south of the Pyrenees.
  • 10 – new “lockdown” single from the Cambridge Band
  • 11 – Wild Card Debut LP from L.A.’s ferocious The Flytraps. Glammy high-energy punk ‘n’ roll like the Joneses or Redd Kross but played faster and nastier, or like a secret smash-hit b-side by the Sweet.
  • 14 New single from forthcoming album J3 .

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