Aural Delights 392

  1. Four Candles – Basketcase
  2. Close The Hatch – Death of Wolves
  3. Devil With No Name – Alleluia
  4. Moongoose – We Deal In Information
  5. The Lancashire Hustlers – Who Goes There
  6. The New Fools – Solowly
  7. 2 Lost Souls – Rules
  8. Cosmic Panthers – Fall LP
  9. Graney, Moore, Casinader – Tuning Up/You’re Just Too Hip Baby/Feelin’ Kinda Sporty
  10. Graney, Moore, Casinader – Warren Oates
  11. Graney, Moore, Casinader – Apollo 69
  12. The Red Guitars – Steeltown
  13. Hexvessel – Kindred Moon
  14. HiFiLo – Downpour
  15. Junior Byles – Beat Down Babylon
  16. Kari van der Kloot – What I’ll Find
  17. The Lancashire Hustlers – An Interesting Moon
  18. Scrambled Limbs – Human Shields
  19. Peter Hammill – Skin
  20. Moongoose – Blood On The Roses Thorn
  21. The Flytraps – Female of the Species
  22. Four Candles – Requiem
  23. Cosmic Panthers – Bleeding Hearts
  24. Kavanagh – Neon Baby
  25. Kari van der Kloot – Swimming
  26. The Lancashire Hustlers – The Reach of my Help

  • 1 and 19 from the new EP – Alternative Golf
  • 2 from the album Modern Witchcraft on Red Moth Records their sixth full length
  • 3 – Newly formed Western US black metal trio DEVIL WITH NO NAME – founded by members of Lord Mantis, Void Omnia, Sovereign, and others – presents their eponymous debut via New Density.
  • 4 and 17 from the new EPs Black and Yellow
  • 5, 15 and 23 from the new album Four Hands, Two Voices
  • 6 another lockdown single
  • 7 one off single recorded and released in a day Ian Moss, Paul Rosenfeld and Paul O’Sullivan
  • 8 new EP from Ian Moss and Ben Mancell of Fuzzy Warbles – joint release
  • 9, 10, 11 new live album recorded in Canberra
  • Red Guitars – Seven Types Of Ambiguity (The BBC Sessions)
  • 12 Psychedelic forest folk-rockers new nature-mystic opus, Kindred, via Svart Records. Blues-laden psych-rock and progressive structures harken back to King Crimson, giving way to dark earthen balladry reminiscent of early Nick Cave and the doom-laden atmospheres of Dead Can Dance.
  • 13 HiFiLo (aka Todd Pentney) is an award winning Toronto based producer, pianist and keyboardist. His music merges contrasting genres seamlessly into a unique, singular sound by showcasing a mixture of modern production with live performance and improvisations. HiFiLo’s debut solo album Speak Your Name is bold and vibrantly eclectic.
  • 14 and 22 Kari Van Der Kloot from the new album The Architects – out june 5th on Next Level Records
  • 16 from the Not Now, Not Yet Box Set
  • 18 from Wild Card
  • 21 formed in 2016, hitting the pubs and clubs of Canterbury in Kent. Formed of 5 members, they have since won two national Battle of the Bands competitions. Now based in Brighton, they are the epitome of unsigned, DIY Rock n Roll. Latest single.

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