Human Impulse

Minneapolis-based punk/metal/noise trio HUMAN IMPULSE released their eponymous debut EP in late February 2020.

HUMAN IMPULSE was formed in 2017 by musicians formerly of Ambassador Gun, Path Of Destruction, Tinnitus, and others. Their sound is structured around punk and metal foundations, infusing elements of noise, experimental, and more. Densely layering these sounds into quick, blazing songs, all three members provide instrumentation and vocals through the assault. The lyrical content is influenced by the past, present, and future predicaments of the world. About how information is immediate, distorted, and easy to manipulate. Songs speak of mistrust, paranoia, disgust, hope, and despair.

Recorded 2019 by Tim Java and Justin Spirala, mixed by the band’s Luke Olson, and mastered by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Recording, Human Impulse was completed with artwork by Bill Connors and design by Luke Olson. The EP is a sure thing for Disfear, Melvins, and Motörhead diehards.

Human Impulse is a DIY release through the band digitally and on 12” red vinyl .


Andy Hefner – guitar, vocals
Bob Cahill – drums, vocals
Luke Olson – bass, vocals

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