Elegant Traveler

Everybody is riding along in style when guitarist Jocelyn Gould unpacks her axe to launch the opening salvo on her aptly entitled debut release “Elegant Traveler.” Indeed, Gould gracefully pushes her melodic message to the forefront with skillful leadership, while she ably demonstrates a total command of her own instrument along with a delightful depth of talent as a composer and arranger.

Also featured in supporting berths on the album are several top frontline musicians, including trombonist Michael Dease, saxophonist Brandon Wright, and trumpeter Anthony Stanco. Everyone is supported throughout the journey by the capable rhythm section of pianist Addison Frei, bassist George DeLancey, and drummer Quincy Davis.

With an amazing combination of talents, some brilliant performances, and an evocative program of music, critical listeners should agree that “Elegant Traveler” successfully proclaims Jocelyn Gould as an important new musician to keep eyes and ears on for years to come.

Photo credit – Anna Yatskevich

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