Serenity Island

Serenity Island tells a story that spans over a period of 8 years, unfolding the impressions of prominent pianist-composer Nuphar Fey as she travels through countries and deep life changing experiences. Composed during a period of few years while living in several countries in Europe and Israel, the album presents a wide manifold of influences, tastefully combining them to capture a unique musical imprint.

The music created by Israeli native Fey is multi-layered, combining surprising rhythms with spiritual depths. Free spirited, abundant and daring in both her performance and writing, she creates her own land to experiment in, connecting influences from post-romantic and alternative classical music, French impressionism, cinematic.

Introducing 10 original pieces, the album presents Fey’s trio in the classic format of piano, double bass and drums, together with cello, voice and percussion. With extraordinary imagination and an orchestral approach, the recordings were made in several layers of piano, cello, voice and percussion over the trio, leading to surprising textures and spacious
sounds. A broad collage, Serenity Island elegantly succeeds in being both personal and universal.

In the past three years, Israeli born musician Nuphar Fey has been raising interest in the international jazz scene with her crystal-like piano touch, wide range of dynamics and a rich palette of colors. Her compositions are characterized by strong lyrical themes, richness of sound, and contemplative solo piano sections. Bringing a strong female presence to the
current scene she is free spirited and abundant, radiating charisma and ease with which she draws the listener in with both elegance and force.

Fey had a long background as a classical soloist in her native Israel, and also explored flamenco, cinematic and middle eastern music before she immersed herself completely in the world of contemporary jazz. She explores the crossover by mixing the traditional jazz trio format with classical chamber music approach and long landscaped forms, playing on the line of the thoughtfully composed and masterfully improvised.

In 2016, after several successful projects in other ensemble forms, Nuphar founded her trio using it in creative ways stretching the limits of the traditional form. Exploring this format with a fresh perspective, her music seems to create the impression of sounding like much more than three instruments, as described by reviews and audience.

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