PGX is an all-girl band born on the South Island between Christchurch and Dunedin in 2017. They started as flatmates who became bandmates after long nights over glasses of wine dissecting melodies and discussing ideas that may or may not belong together. A big part of their sound is the left field spoken word vocal cadence that’s part storytelling, part poetic.

Consistent themes over the course of a song aren’t always front and centre on this EP, but there are tales of South Island adventure—questing to find a Flying Nun legend, malaise—the troubles of minimum wage jobs in Dunedin, and the odd feminism line thrown in.

This EP shows a band on the journey of learning their instruments: two guitars, a bass, and drums. Producer Brian Feary chose practice amps because he felt it mirrored where the band was at: interesting lo-fi.

Naive is happy and earnest, with a contagious fun that makes you want to join a band.
released February 29, 2020

Hannah Herchenbach: Vocals, Guitar
Mary Lyon Train: Vocals, Guitar
Charlie Fischer: Bass
Jenny Duncan: Drums

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