Berserkir Volume 1

For over 12 years, The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol have been making music in their deep, dark underground culture bunker. Their original improvised music has been shaped by the musical ghost’s of decades past. There is no real classification. The “collective” can cite nearly every legitimate genre as a jumping off point of influence and within that, they realize no boundaries and are unfettered by trends. Krautrock, Psych, Hard Rock, Prog, Experimental and even Jazz may be heard within their work.

The “Berserkir” session was recorded in the spirit of peoples gone by from ancient times. Berserkir, in the old Norse, means “bear-shirt”, that is to say, warriors who went into battle without armor. It is with that in mind that you listen to 6 friends who have simply rolled tape and let the freak flag fly. Everything on this album and its Sister LP coming later in 2020, was done in 1 live take off the floor with absolutely zero overdubs and are all entirely one off, first time improvisations.

These sessions were recorded in the same studio that yielded 2017’s “Elevator” and 2018’s “Droneverdose”, both released by Cardinal Fuzz.

“Berserkir” may well be the closing chapter of a trilogy and is co-released by Feeding Tube Records in the USA .

Berserkir is a 500 pressing and is presented in a 350gsm Gloss Laminated Outer Sleeve with insert with Download code featuring 2 bonus rehearsal meltdowns

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